Our Story

About us

There are many religious ministers in rural areas, and often even in urban settings, with low literacy ability, yet they function as ministers and as leaders of their faith communities.

There are currently no formally recognized qualifications for religious practitioners within the Christian tradition, apart from the Higher Education qualifications registered through the different tertiary educational institutions. A need to assist these leaders by means of a qualification that will provide them with the competencies to minister has been expressed for many years. Through the Christian Religious Practitioner qualification, MASCOL aims at fulfilling this need. It will provide appropriate training to leaders who do not have the literacy ability to access any other qualification, without trivializing the competencies required to effectively function as Christian Religious Ministers. With the introduction of the new occupational certificate, society will benefit from the assurance that large numbers of spiritual leaders who did not have a proper training opportunity in the past, will now have training available to develop a relevant set of competencies. 

Dr Raymond Le Fleur
MASCOL Apst. Petrus Goeieman

There is a growing concern in South Africa about moral degeneration and the loss of positive values in our communities, with the associated loss of hope, increase in crime levels, degeneration of our social communities. Through quality training with the appropriate content and focus, and that will be accessible to large numbers of presently untrained ministers of religion MASCOL aim to make a huge contribution to the turning around of negative tendencies. Negative publicity regarding Spiritual leaders in our communities has also done a great harm to the image of the fivefold ministry and our quality training, linked to the development of professional standards and a system of professional oversight will go a long way to restore the image of our spiritual leaders in the community.

Our Story Starts in 2021

The company was incorporated in 2021 as a private organization, grounded on the vision of its two Directors, Dr Raymond Le Fleur and Dr Petrus Goeieman. MULTIPLE ACADEMIC AND SKILLS CENTRE OF LEARNING aims to provides training, business advisory, skills development and other business-related services to Religious Ministries, corporate organizations, government departments, cooperatives and SMME`s across all sectors.

MULTIPLE ACADEMIC AND SKILLS CENTRE OF LEARNING has resourceful people who possess the necessary skills, experience, and capacity to deliver excellent and quality service to all our clients across all sectors. Our resource people have a total of over combined experience of over 30 years in Ministry, skills audits, training, capacity building, mentorship, coaching, occupational health, and safety, developing training materials, facilitation, assessment, and moderation.

Our Vision and Mission

To be the preferred and most trusted training company in the training and skills development of Christian Religious Ministers, also small to medium enterprises and cooperatives capacitation and the business consulting sector in the Northern Cape, eventually broaden our boundaries to the rest of South Africa.

Religious ministers serving churches and Christian groups in Southern Africa come from two distinct backgrounds. The first is deemed more formal in nature (also referred to as the so-called historic churches) while the second is seen as less formal and originated from more recent development processes. Access to formal training is virtually impossible to most pastors in the less formal group, referred to as Pentecostal and Charismatic churches.  This lack of access is due to several reasons including geographical and financial reasons, and to most also due to a lack of appropriate prior learning. It is the mission of MASCOL to create a better world by providing the platform where these men and women of God can acquire high quality skills training and development services that are recognized by the relevant official training sector in South Africa. Our mission also includes training and skills development for our young people, who just finished school to prepare them for the workplace and also to spiritually and ethically trained them as leaders, as well as our women in the community. This we will do through training accredited by the relevant SETAS.

Qualification of the Directors

Dr. Le Fleur has a B. Tech degree (cum laude) in fire technology obtained from the Tshwane University of Technology and a Doctorate in Ministry which he obtained from Newburgh Theological Seminary in Indiana USA after completing six years of studying in theology up to the degree Masters in Theology from Faith Bible College. He and his wife, Edna Gladys Le Fleur are joint directors of equal shareholding in Faithfull in All Enterprise (Pty) Ltd. It started off as a company providing services to companies in the servicing and installation of firefighting equipment. It soon expands into training and after registering with the South African Institute for Occupational Health and Safety as a Graduate member Dr. Le fleur started providing consultation for Occupational Health and Safety compliance and performing Occupational Health and Safety Audits.  This soon became an integral part of the company as Occupational Health and Safety compliance is a legal requirement for all workplaces as stipulated by the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993.

Dr Petrus Goeieman has completed his Bachelor of Theology at Northwest University in 2011. He received An Honorary Doctorate from Mount Zion University Of South Africa on 09 May 2021. He has been ordained as an Apostle at the Hebrew Pentecostal Assemblies in Pabalello Upington and is also the Senior Pastor of the Church. Dr. Goeieman is also the Chief Executive officer of PCUMSA. He is also the district secretary of the Moral Regeneration Movement and an active member of DOCSA.

Experience of the Directors

Dr. Le Fleur has more than twenty years of experience in Ministry as a youth leader, youth pastor, associate pastor, and facilitator/principal of Faith Bible College. He also has more than thirty-two years’ experience in the Emergency Services Department as a Fire Fighter/Paramedic, fire safety inspector, and training officer within the fire department and has together with his wife been running their own company for seven years now. Dr. Le Fleur Has been ordained as a pastor at Faith Ministry Family Church (Now Faith Joburg) in 2012 after been an active member of the leadership since 2006. He has also been a facilitator at Faith Bible College and has been a principal/Facilitator of their Church-Based Bible college in Beaufort West for four years and Upington for two years. For the past seven years he has been a facilitator, assessor, and moderator, registered with HWSETA and LGSETA.

Dr. Petrus Goeieman joined the South African Social Development as an Admin Clerk in 2003. In April 2006, he became the Team Leader (Operational Practitioner) at the South African Social Security Agency, a position that he held till November 2020. From 2017 until present he has been the senior Pastor of Hebrew Pentecostal Church. Dr. Goeieman is actively involved in his community as a pastor, counselor, advisor, and attend to the spiritual needs of inmates in the correctional service once a week.

Our Core Values

The company ascribes to the following values

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Confidentiality
  • Timeliness
  • Responsiveness
  • Honesty
  • Open-Minded
  • Fair
  • Flexibility