Section 1 – The Purpose Of The LMS

The purpose of this module is to orientate yourself with regards to the Learner Management System (LMS). This module will assist you to understand the purpose, the structure and the functionality of the LMS. The LMS Orientation Module also serves as a resource for future reference.

A summary of content, learner progress and results

  • The LMS enables learners to access the most recent learning material online.
  • The LMS is an online portal where learners and facilitators can view the progress of learners and results.
  • The LMS also form the backbone of the administrative process.

Portfolio of Evidence (POE)

  • The QCTO requires that a POE be kept as record to keep learners and facilitators informed of the learner progress. This evidence presents a record of the students’ work covered and completed according to the mandatory standard and Curriculum.
  • It provides evidence that assessors are informed regarding students’ progress, difficulties, abilities, and needs. It assists the student to be kept up to date on the progress of their journey through the studies. It provides evidence of planning – work accomplished, work engagement, and work still to be done.