Section 5 – A Good Process Equals Good Progress

  1. Create A Draft Assignment

The reason for submitting assignments at the end of a module is that by then you would have a better grip and understanding of the contend of the material. We suggest that you create a Draft Assignment at the start of each module by following these steps:

  • Create a document in MS Word or Google Docs. The format of the file name must resemble the format explained in Section 4.
  • Next create the front page of the Draft Assignment following the example in Section 4.
  • Go to the Assignment section of the particular module and copy the content to your clipboard.

  • Paste the content on the first page of the Draft Assignment and save it.
  • These steps must be repeated at the start of each module.
  1. Work Through The Material In Advance
  • It is crucial to work through the material before the next facilitation session or class. Make a list of your questions in preperation for the next session. Not all the sections will be addressed in the facilitation session or class.
  • Enquire from the facilitator which Sections should be prepared for the next facilitation session or class.
  • Mark each section as completed by clicking on the “Mark Complete” button after you worked through the content.

  1. Answer the IAC at the end of Section 1 in your Draft Assignment before continuing to Section 2. Repeat this process at the end of each Section.
  1. Review your Draft Assignment after answering the last Section’s IAC of the module.
  1. Export/Save your Final Assignment in a PDF format.This must be a single document consisting of all the IAC’s, Practical and Workplace Modules. See Section 4.
  1. Submit your assignment at the end of the Assignment Section of the current module.