Section 2 – The Learner Dashboard

You will be redirected to the Learner Dashboard after Login.

  • The Leaner Dashboard consist of a left and a right pane.
  • The LMS is mobile friendly (responsive) and therefore the Learner Dashboard will adjust to the screen size. The left pane might be above the right pane on a mobile device.

The left pane consist of:

  1. Your student number and the Learning Point where you enrolled.
  2. An option to return to your modules.
  3. An option to view your orders – Please take note that learners who made their payments to Partner Learning Points, will not have any order details and can request their payment history directly from their Learning Point Administrator.
  4. An option to edit your profile.

The right pane consist of a summary of your modules and a reassessment section

Below your name you will find the total number of enrolled modules, the total modules completed and the total credits (10 National Hours per credit) you acquired.

Your Module Summary

  • Click on the search icon (top right) to search for specific modules.
  • Click on the “Expand All” button to see the detail summary of all your modules. Once all modules are expanded the button will change to “Collapse All.” You are also able to expand / collapse individual modules.

  • Once you clicked on te “Expand” arrow (to the right of your module title) you will notice the score of your completed multiple question, the status of your submitted assignment and comments between you and the Assessor.
  • Below the module title is an indication of the percentage of progress and the number of steps that you completed for the particular module.

  • Note that if you enrol for more than a certain number of modules new pages will be added. Arrow icons will appear at the bottom of your module section to navigate to next page.


The reassessment section is located below the module summary

  • If a submitted assignment has been judged as “in-competent” (did not reach 50%), you will have to request a reassessment of the assignment by clicking on the button in this section.
  • After paying the reassessment fee you will be directed to an online form that needs to be submitted.
  • The Assessment Liaison Officer will inform you when you can resubmit the assignment.